Whitley's Peanut

Southern Boiled Peanuts


Product Description

Here in the south, boiled peanuts have been a mouthwatering delicacy for many years. Now we are sharing this savory snack with our friends all over the country. Once available only a few weeks a year; now you can enjoy this old-fashioned southern favorite all year long. Fresh from the farm, unshelled peanuts are boiled in a weak brine to create it's distinctive flavor.

Gluten Free

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Sku: 23A-P

Product Reviews

  • Just like They had as a child

  • I just gave my Friend some cans of the boiled peanuts. She immediately opened the can and didn't stop until they were gone! She said that they were like the ones she had as a child and would be ordering more to share with her family and Friends.

  • posted by Cherryl