Whitley's Peanut

6 Month Variety Club Plan


Product Description

The ultimate gift, perfect for anyone any time of the year. Our popular Variety Club Plan treats them to a full year of our bestselling nut varieties. (The first tin will ship according to the month ordered; however, if the order is placed in an off month, the next month's product following will be shipped)
* February - 24 oz Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts
* April - 22 oz Honey Cinnamon Almonds
* June - 20 oz "HC" Salted Peanuts
* August - 20 oz Salted Redskin Peanuts
* October - 18 oz Salted Jumbo Cashews
* December - 24 oz Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Gluten Free

Product Specs

Sku: 3VX