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Peanut Candy
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12-16 oz Tins Butterscotch Triple Nut Chocolatey Clusters (one case)
12-16 oz Tins Dark Chocolatey Covered Almond Clusters (one case)
12-24 oz Tins Milk Choc. Covered Peanut Clusters (one case)
12-24 oz Tins Dark Choc. Peanut Clusters (One Case)
12-16 oz. Tins White Choc. Cashew Clusters (one case)
12-24 oz. Tins Peanut Brittle (one case)
12-24 oz. Tins Chocolatey Peanut Delights (one case)
12-24 oz. Tins Choc. Covered Peanut Brittle (one case)
12-24 oz. Tins Dark Choc. Covered Nutty Fruit Clusters (case)
12-20 oz. Tins Peanut Crunch Bites (one case)
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