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Virginia Peanuts

Whitley's 'Home-Cooked' Virginia peanuts have a wonderful, crunchy freshness and distinctive flavor because our peanuts are still made the old-fashioned way-hand cooked, slowly roasted to perfection. We choose only the highest quality, extra-large peanuts from Virginia, selected for their size and freshness. Each batch is individually cooked with proven, traditional recipes to ensure the crisp, fresh flavor and unique taste for which our peanuts are famous. Whether you like them salted or unsalted, roasted or raw, redskin or not, we are sure you won't regret choosing our Virginia peanuts!
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Salted Virginia Peanuts
From $12.95
Unsalted<br> Virginia Peanuts
From $12.95
Small Packs Salted Virginia Peanuts
From $24.95
From $12.95
Smoky Habanero Chili Lime Peanuts
From $12.95
Bourbon Barbeque Peanuts
From $12.95
Crabby Chesapeake Bay Peanuts
From $12.95
Salt & Vinegar Peanuts
From $12.95
Salt Black Pepper Peanuts
From $12.95
Sea Salt & Caramel Peanuts
From $12.95
Butter Toffee Virginia Peanuts
From $12.95
Honey Roasted Virginia Peanuts
From $12.95
Club Plan Salted
From $73.95
Club Plan Unsalted
From $73.95
6 Month Variety Club Plan
12 Month Variety Club Plan
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