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6 Month Variety Club Plan


6 Month Variety Club Plan

The ultimate gift, perfect for anyone any time of the year. Our popular Variety Club Plan treats them to a full year of our bestselling nut varieties. (The first tin will ship according to the month ordered; however, if the order is placed in an off month, the next month's product following will be shipped. Expect delivery approximately the first week of the month.)

First shipment product is shown in picture.
* February - 24 oz Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts
* April - 22 oz Honey Cinnamon Almonds
* June - 20 oz "HC" Salted Peanuts
* August - 20 oz Salted Redskin Peanuts
* October - 18 oz Salted Jumbo Cashews
* December - 24 oz Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts

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