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Other Nuts & Nut Mixes

Looking for other gourmet nuts? Choose from crunchy jumbo cashews, choice pistachios, southern pecans, and gourmet nut mixes. Our dedication to quality doesn't stop with our peanuts. We take great pride in all of our nut varieties.
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Virginia Trail Mix
From $24.95
Jumbo Cashews
From $12.50
Deluxe Nut Mix
From $25.95
Natural Pistachios
From $10.95
Honey Roasted<br> Chipotle Almonds
From $24.95
Honey Cinnamon Almonds
From $24.95
Fusion Health Mix
From $23.95
Salted Mammoth Pecans
From $22.95
12 Month Variety Club Plan
6 Month Variety Club Plan
Power Boost Mix
From $26.95
"R. Martin - Ontario, Canada
I just opened my first can of peanuts and was just blown away by the flavor and crispness of....
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