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Gluten Free Products

Our peanut products are a great fit for many diets! Since they are naturally gluten free, peanuts are great for those with special diet needs. We've collected our gluten free products in one category for ease of selection for you or your loved one. Shop in confidence knowing that our Virginia peanut products are not only gluten free, but heart healthy too!
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Salted Virginia Peanuts
From $11.50
Unsalted<br> Virginia Peanuts
From $11.50
Roasted Peanuts in the Shell (Salted)
From $12.50
Roasted Peanuts in the Shell (Unsalted)
From $12.50
From $11.50
Sea Salt &<br> Black Pepper Peanuts
From $11.50
Jumbo Cashews
From $12.50
From $19.95
Natural Pistachios
From $10.95
Salted Mammoth Pecans
From $22.95
Deluxe Nut Mix
From $25.95
Honey Roasted Virginia Peanuts
From $11.95
Butter Toffee Virginia Peanuts
From $11.50
Honey Cinnamon Almonds
From $24.95
Honey Roasted<br> Chipotle Almonds
From $24.95
Milk Chocolate Covered Peanut Clusters
From $25.95
Dark Chocolate Covered Peanut Clusters
From $25.95
Dark Chocolatey Covered Nutty Fruit Clusters
From $26.95
Milk Chocolate<br> Peanut Delights
From $26.95
White Chocolate Cashew Clusters
From $21.95
Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle
From $26.95
From $24.95
Peanut Crunch Bites
From $18.95
From $26.95
Virginia Trail Mix
From $24.95
Power Boost Mix
From $26.95
Fusion Health Mix
From $23.95
Raw Peanuts Redskin (w/ skins)
From $9.95
Raw Peanuts
From $13.95
Boiled Peanuts  Traditional
From $25.95
Boiled Peanuts<br> Spicy
From $25.95
Peanut Butter<br> <i> ( all natural )</i></br>
From $11.95
Peanut Flour
From $18.95
Peanut Soup Mixes
From $19.95
The Triplet
Sensational Duo
Gourmet Trio
Dynamic Duo
Double Delight
Nutty Duet
Nut Wrap
Whitley's Gift Box #12A & #12C
From $39.85
Whitley's Gift Box #41A
"R. Martin - Ontario, Canada
I just opened my first can of peanuts and was just blown away by the flavor and crispness of....
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